Tips To Make Your House Earthquake Resistant

Home inspection is a major step to find faults in your house and get solutions to rectify them. First of all we have to check the resistance of the soil then we should go for construction. We should also take a suggestion from concern Engineer regarding the quality and strength of the house.

We should reduce the usage of concrete and heavy materials while constructions, inspite of that we can use light weight hallow bricks and also we can use wood, where we can reduce the damage as well as the cost.

Most of use won’t leave certain space in and around the house which we build this is also one of the major reason for the damage of the property and lives. In order to overcome such things we should build our houses with curtain space so that we can gather in that ground or open spaces were we can escape the damage of our lives.

Wooden walls reduce the risk during an earth quick; walls with plywood are greater resistance of earth quick and prevent collapse during an earth quick.

To provide additional strength to the building it is important to build with cross-bracing and a shear core in order to make it earthquake proof. It is important to provide good foundation and support walls which help in reducing the damage.

Do not keep any flammable items or liquids in store rooms or garage which may cause damage to our house during earthquake. Install inflammable or flexible pipe lines, this can help you in avoiding the leaking of gas or any liquid things during earthquake.

Bookcases and picture frames learn on the walls are not advisable as perspective of safety during earth quick this many get damaged.

Also ensure that you’re PC, television, electrical goods or appliances should be secure with safety straps or keep them on strong table.

Make sure that fans, light fixtures are properly fitted to the ceiling.

Please do share your valuable suggestion and tips with us.

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